Developing bespoke solutions to meet "your" requirements.

Welcome to Fresh Software, we are developers of bespoke software solutions and websites offering a professional and friendly service to all clients. Fresh Software has been developing solutions and websites for over 10 years.

During this time we've continually pushed techincal boundires to meet client requirements. Where we believe that inspiration and innovation are the key to opportunity and success. Together we can provide a tailer-made solution that fits your requirements.

We are based in Peterborough in the UK and have a second office in Sandefjord in Norway

Small Business Websites

This is one area we find we can help a lot, from setting up a domain name, building the website adding the required functionality “uploading and resizing images for example” handling any website generated emails to hosting and supporting the website.

Company Websites

We have completed a range of internal use and external use company website each with their own distinct range of bespoke functionality.

These website have been from simple company “front door” type sites with information about who the owners are, what they do and how to find or contact them, to full functional driven sites that are used to upload / search / display documents and images, Filling out questionnaires search external databases and more.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you required any more information about our products or services