Small Business Websites and website design

If you’re looking at this site chances are

you’re already thinking about the benefits a Website “Web Presence” could bring to your Small Business.

Whether customers are hearing about you at trade shows, word of mouth or through social media (the list goes on), a professional looking Website can help Small Businesses to gain credibility and create an identity

That is where we come in, we will work with you to design/re-design a website that is in-keeping with your Small Business be it yummy cakes or accountancy services.

Am I overpaying for my existing Small Business Website?

If you’re paying an annual fee to host a pre-built Website, a re-build and change of hosting could work out cheaper, with our Hosting and Service Packages starting from £200 per year.

Our Small Business Website Packages can include:

  • Web Design
  • Hosting
  • Domain names
  • Linking your Social accounts to your Small Business Website
  • Website Monitoring and SEO guidance
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) – Link
  • Capability for orders, and enquiries
  • Website Secure payment methods including PayPal if required
  • Ensuring your website is Mobile and Tablet friendly

Don’t worry if some of this is new to you, we can advise as needed.

How much will a Small Business Website cost?

A simple Small Business website with all the content prepared beforehand could start at as little as £250. We can work with you to create a cost effective website for your business. If you already have a clear idea of how you want your website to look that’s great, if not we can help you understand the options available for your website.

Website Hosting - Service Packages

It’s good to consider upfront how you want to manage updates to your website. We know some customers want to be able to make changes to a website themselves, to update prices, product avaibility, images etc. While others prefer to go through us, again this can be tailored to your requirements. Our Small Business Website Hosting and Service Packages cost from £200 per year.

Small Business Website examples recent websites we have completed.

HMG Vehicle Services Ltd

HMG Vehicle Services Ltd is very much a store front website telling the user about the business what they do and how to contact them, there is also a goggle map showing users where they are located plus contact phone number and the business address.

The brief for the website on this occasion was to produce a simple and clean website that would tell the users about the business including an image of the garage so it could be recognized easily. Due to the nature of the business the website had to be mobile friendly as at lot of the users could be using mobile phones to find out information.

Crescent Angel

The second example Crescent Angel is more a showcase website and is all about showing the website user the types of item they produce.

It also portrays that the business is a “family run” that offers a personalized service.

As part of the brief for this website we were asked:

  • To give the user a clear smooth experience when moving between website pages and the loading of website images.
  • To target desktops as the images will need to be display in high quality and mobile viewing was not going to be the best platform when viewing the website

This just two of the Small Business Websites that we have produced and all meet all of the client expectations and requirements.

Please contact us for more information