Development process

Once you approach us with your idea, we begin by discussing your exact requirements, explore the best possible solution, and present our proposal in the form of a Specification. We will then draw up an idea of the screen design, layout and page flow, and submit them for your approval. If you have provided content, we can include these in your design review, to give you a better indication of how the finished solution will look. The next stage is for us to build your website or application. This is the core part of the process, where we implement all the functionality required behind the application. During this time, we aim to keep you fully up-to-date with our progress, so you always know where you stand. With larger applications, we break the development stage down into more manageable sections, or 'iterations'. This means we can often make parts of the application available for you to test and if appropriate put live, which helps streamline the process for us and allows you to see results more quickly.

Once we are satisfied that we have completed your project, and put it through our Quality Assurance testing phase, we will give you the opportunity to test the solution for yourself in a testing environment. As soon as we have your approval, the project can be signed off and we will deploy the site as quickly as possible.

We know that it can seem a little daunting once a project has been put live. So why not let us take some of the stress away? We're experienced in post-deployment support, and will be available to answers your concerns during those first, crucial few weeks. You can then call on us in the future to provide additional support or maintenance, if you wish to do so.

We can also support with agile delivery methods, where the requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration with the client and ourselves. While Transactional systems lend themselves to waterfall delivery others in particular the creative development of a Website can sometimes benefit from agile method.

Our clients are at the center of our entire development process. After all, this is YOUR project, we are simply the architects, builders and consultants committed to delivering your idea, and as a result, encourage clear and open channels of communication.