CMS (Content Managed System website)

A content management system (Web Content Management System website in this case) is an application to create, deploy, manage and store content on website Web pages. Web content can include text and embedded graphics, photos, video, audio, and code that displays content or interacts with the user.

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Content Management has many roles in today's market place and is an important base for any website blogging, articles, news, description of products etc.

A Website CMS may catalogue and index content, select or assemble content at runtime, or deliver content to specific visitors in a requested way, such as other languages.

Web Content Management System's allow client control over Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) - based content, files, documents, and Web hosting plans based on the system depth and the niche it serves, this level of control can be tailored to the site editors requirement thus allowing content changes without breaking the site.

We also have experience in building complex CMS systems that go far beyond the simple approach often found by adding interfaces into more complex backend system or remote databases, allowing the business data to be completely separated from the website

The main CMS system we use is Umbraco, this is “open source” meaning there is no cost and no limits on what can be archived. It is also very fast and used by some large companies for more info please visit