Creative Web development

Whether it's for e-commerce, delivery of information to end-users, an in-house business tool, or something completely different, we can guide you through the process.

We have experience in a number of different technologies but mainly implement using a Microsoft .Net solution. This means that if you already have your own servers, we are likely to be able to develop a solution that is compatible your environment. Alternatively, if you have no such infrastructure and would like us to organise hosting possibilities.

How does the process work?
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  • Requirements

    The first step for us is to analyse your target market’s (users) requirements.
    • Who will be visiting your website,
    • what will be the purpose of their visit
    • what is the primary goal of your website
    • how can your organisation best cater to their needs etc.
  • Strategy

    Based on the Requirement
    • We will work out Target devises, Phones / tablets / laptops / etc.
    • Keywords
    • key-phrases
    • Site organisation
  • Conceptualisation

    What is the aim of each page
    • Basic Site design
    • Layout
    • Page navigation
    • Review and feedback, making sure the finished web-site matches what you had in mind.
  • Development

    Only once the preceding steps have been completed can we move onto the deployment stage. All our work is carried out:
    • In accordance with the W3C standards
    • Using the latest current technologies
    • Page Data models are built
    • Pages are built using HTML
    • Any JavaScript or JQuery scripts are coded
    • local code testing is being carried out throughout this process
    • Site deployed to the "staging environment" where you will be able to start your evaluation
  • Preliminary Testing

    Once the deployment has proceeded to a point where you can view and comment the site will be deployed to a private "staging environment" Here you can:
    • Review site layout
    • Navigate between pages
    • Start your Preliminary Testing
    • Supply feedback on any problems or issues
    • If required this process can sometimes be started before development has completed
  • Fine-tuning

    Now Preliminary Testing can been completed we will start to "Fine-tune" your site, processes could include any of the following:
    • Minimizing script files
    • keywords link to the correct landing page for that keyword
    • Build search engine pages
    • Add analytics, if required
    • Plus other item to many to list
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

    Now the development and Preliminary Testing has been completed you can start to:
    • Review the site layout
    • Check any functionality works as required
    • Invite some selected users to use your site
    • Supply feedback on any problems or issues
    • Complete sign off in preparation for moving the site into a live environment
  • Data Migration

    We are now ready to start getting your web-site ready for going live as part of this process we will be:
    • Cleaning any testing data from the system
    • Removing any testing "helpers" put in place
    • Changing any images that had been used to indicate testing for any live images
  • Pre Live

    Almost ready we just need to:
    • Move the website onto your hosting server or if we you hosting your site, move it onto our hosting suppler
    • Final site review
    • Check any data-integrity
    • Check quality of deliverables
    • Review any maintenance processes
  • GO LIVE (handover)

    Now all the development is complete along with all the testing it's time to move your finished web-site onto a hosting environment ready for your users.
    • One final set of testing is done on the live website for the quality assurance purposes
    • We then hand over the control of the site to you, if we are not manging the site for you.
  • Looking to deliver using aigle…

    we can also support with agile delivery methods, where the requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration with the client and ourselves. While Transactional systems lend themselves to waterfall delivery others in particular the creative development of a Website can sometimes benefit from agile method

    Please contact us to talk through your individual requirments